Internship Report: Mandy Man (HK)

Today is 12th August 2018. It’s summer here in Hong Kong which the sun and heat remind me of the time I had in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Last year, I got an opportunity to be the intern at LIE which it provides a valuable experience to both my exploring in design and other cultures. As living in a mixed cultures city, Hong Kong, it’s easy for me to know about other cultures but without experiencing them. Having internship at LIE in Malaysia gave me a favorable time to understand and experience a part of the Southeast Asian culture and also their design.

In those months, lots of opportunities were provided by LIE for me to have a taste in different aspects of design likes letting me participate in different design projects, products shooting, etc.

In addition to the opportunities of participating in the design, the working atmosphere is what I appreciate most to LIE. Working in LIE is like working on a group project in school with a bunch of friends, which you can put any opinions and suggestions forwards and it would be accepted and the whole process is relaxed and enjoyable.

What made me be more grateful for being an intern in LIE, is the time we go for other design related activities besides the working hours, such as visiting the exhibition and printing lab which you can see the enthusiastic of them for giving the best experience among the internship.

The best experience during the internship also including making friends with three cats in the studio. Ah Fai, Ah Sai and Ah So, who gives me the most adorable moment in LIE, that I will never forget the asking of cuddles from Ah Fai and the joining to washroom from Ah Sai and Ah So.

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to Driv, Nick, Anerly, Michelle and Wennie for making my internship couldn't be better.

Mandy, Man Yuen Shan