Internship Report: Iris Marten (NL)

I’m writing this blog now mileage far away from Kuala Lumpur, at home in my room back in The Netherlands. For a few months KL was my home as well because I got the opportunity to do my Graphic Design internship at LIE. I wanted to experience a work environment outside of Europe and hoped to learn something from another culture. After an extensive search for a good internship LIE was the studio at the top of my list. Luckily Driv replied me that he was happy to have me as an intern. This is when the journey started! 

Now, after these great months, I can say I definitely learned a lot from this other culture. Besides the design skills and inspiration I absorbed I especially learned one important lesson which I want to point out in this blog.  

It may sound weird but the lesson I've learned is that investing in the people around you at work and the clients you are working with is important. When I compare this fact between Holland and my experience in Malaysia I can say we (Holland) approach people from work as our colleagues and (most of the time) you keep work and your private life separated. At LIE I have seen how respect, taking time for each other and also spend time together results in a positive working environment. In The Netherlands it feels like there is always a clock ticking in the background. If you have a really nice conversation during lunch you know that it can only last for half an hour, then the lunch break is over. Besides the talented people who are working at LIE I’m convinced that the way of interacting with each other has a positive effect on the company and, in the end, the great work they make. So LIE thanks for this lesson I’ve learned!!

In general, I would like to thank Driv and the rest of the team at LIE for the great experience and the new friendships this experience has brought.

– Iris Martens (www.iris-martens.nl)