Internship Report: Chia Yee Hsean

Imagine scoring an internship at the studio whose work you’ve been following, helmed by a designer whom you respect. Imagine finally meeting the designer, only to find out he constantly makes jokes. Or that the studio seems to have been coming up with their ideas almost by accident. Over the course of my internship, my assumptions (and subsequent belief system as a design student) would be consistently disregarded and thrown out the window.

Which was a good thing.

I interned at LIE for three months as part of my industrial training semester. Once I got over the initial anxiety of working in an actual design studio, I adapted to the studio’s workflow and warmed up to the rest of the team. I tried my best to help and learn as much as I can. And maybe there were times where I fell short, but there were surprising lessons to be learnt from them as well. Which brings me back to that first paragraph.

I wasn’t expecting the team behind my favourite design projects to be so… fun, and so nonchalant about their work. Although my lecturers have trained me to be thorough with my assignments, somewhere along the way, I simply forgot how to have fun and enjoy the process. Interning at LIE taught me that there is more than one way to approach a project. And at this point, it feels like anything really goes when it comes to design. By that, I mean as long as you’re honest about your work and yourself, your strengths and own shortcomings, you’ll be able to keep learning and growing as a designer. I no longer worry too much about what designing should look like. Design can be serious, but it can also be seriously fun.

I’m pretty sure I got lucky with my internship. And I’ve already expressed my thanks to the team at LIE, but I’ll say it here again: Thank you for the wonderful internship experience! If this was a Google review, I’d give it 5 stars! ☆

— Chia Yee Hsean (aka Sam)