Treasury Preserve at UrbanScapes

We're happy to be invited as one of the collaborating artist in UrbanScapes (Malaysia's Creative Arts Festival). We were assigned for an abandoned bank vault as our exhibiting area, we were so excited about the space and decided to turn it into a safe to keep all the precious memories of Malaysian.


As disorientated Malaysians, we are ever deprived of identities, we seek gratification from our food and culture, as if these mundane treasures of our daily lives are constant reminders of who we are, and what we stand for.

But as we witness the inevitable change in the authenticity of our street food, the vanishing heritage buildings, the distressing smog and heat blurring our skies and etc, we realize what we see and live by today might as well be the cultural artifacts of tomorrow.

If our minds contain a vault of safe deposit boxes, what are the precious experiences that we would keep at the abyss of our memory bank? Here are some of the longing-belongings as we imagined would be.

(Photo courtesy of Take22Tango)

Diary / Event